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"Pilot transfer co. Ltd" within two years has been working on the fuel market of northwest region and has already won steady position and reputation of the reliable partner. And now with pride we present new affiliated company "Barentsbunker llc".

"Barentsbunker llc"- marine fuel company which is carrying out the bunkering of vessels in a port of Murmansk, Barents sea and on a craft in north-east atlantic. In management of "Barentsbunker llc" there is a tank vessel " elena s ", deadweight capacity 4450 tons.
      Besides "Barentsbunker llc" is engaged in sale of a marine fish and fish produkts.
The clients of our company are both large marine enterprises, and average representatives of fish branch:


·        " Murmansk trawl fleet jsc ";

·        Murmansk marine fishing port;

·        " Murmansk marine shipping company jsc";

·        "Sevholodflot jsc";

·        "Murmanrybprom jsc";

·        "Masko jsc";

·        "Sakhalin fishing company jsc";

·        "Karelrybflot jsc";

·        "Inflot-service co. Ltd";

·        The fishing company "Murman" ltd.;

·        "Lkt company ltd. ";

·        "Asaseafish co. Ltd";

·        The fishing company "Udarnik" ltd.;

·        "Kareltrust jsc";

·        "Algol co. Ltd";

·        The fishing company "Udarnik" ltd and others.  

      With pleasure is marked, that the circle of our constant clients is increased, and not only at the expense of our compatriots, we confidently win interest of the marine companies of scandinavia.
For today our suppliers are "Lukoil jsc", "Slavneft jsc", "Surgutneftegas jsc", "Rospan jsc".
      In "Barentsbunker llc" there is the highly skilled personnel, the majority of our employees have personal experience of work in the sea, so, own not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills, that allows to satisfy requirement of our clients maximum effectively and qualitatively.

      At the same time, our collective is young enough, so it is efficient and vigorous. We quiveringly concern to reputation of our company and we aspire, that the trade mark "Barentsbunker llc" has won a firm position in the market of fuel and marine services.

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